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Cardif Lux Vie

Cardif Lux Vie is a Luxembourg insurance company positioned among the major players in the market. Held by a group of solid shareholders (BNP Paribas Cardif - 66,67% and BGL BNP Paribas - 33.33%), it has the advantage of strong roots, both locally and internationally.

Relying on sound financial, legal and wealth planning expertise, Cardif Lux Vie responds to the specific requirements of a clientele in several complementary markets:

  • life insurance for domestic and cross-border retail clients;
  • group insurance for companies;
  • and international life insurance as a wealth structuring tool.

For private individuals and professionals in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium, Cardif Lux Vie provides the bancassurance networks with global, integrated, high added value solutions. For international high-net-worth clients, the Company operates within the framework of the European Directive on Freedom to Provide of Services. Cardif Lux Vie is supported by an extensive network of high-quality partners (European private banks, financial institutions, brokers, etc.) which allows it to offer tailored, durable solutions underpinned by a comprehensive range of wealth engineering tools.

Cardif Lux Vie posted excellent results for 2017 and published a turnover of €2.8 billion and close to €22.2 billion in assets under management with a Net Result Before Taxes of €52.9 million*.

* Net Rresult Before Taxes under local Lux GAAP standards, or a pre-tax profit of €63.5 million under the group IFRS standards


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